Real Estate Agent
Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty agent Anthony Cassel represents some of the most desired homes.

Anthony provides an optimal buying or selling experience - in a region where residential properties are considered not only comforting homes, but extremely valuable assets.

A sought-after realtor and mentor...
Almost 90% of Anthony's business comes from referrals. By understanding your financial and emotional motivations, Anthony can guide you wisely through complex processes to optimal conclusions.

with a hands-on approach...
As a unique service to buyers, Anthony, empowers them with on-site tutorials, revealing how each house is built and what to look for regarding exteriors, foundations, electrical systems, and more.

the ability to present homes in their best light...
Sellers entrust Anthony with transforming their properties to attract ideal buyers. His understanding of marketing, architecture, design, and construction enables him to improve and beautify homes for market. Under his care, properties-even those pulled from the market-can attract multiple offers and exceed asking prices.

an ethic of giving...
Every time Anthony closes a transaction, he contributes a percentage of his commission to Home for a Home, a charity that provides houses for needy families in Guatemala. A participant since 2014, he has funded many homes. He also visits Guatemala on a yearly basis to meet the families that have received homes and also participates in the building process. Anthony is an integral part of a homeless committee to combat the homelessness in the Bay Area. Anthony and his wife, Maria, are the beginning stages of Ralph's Rescue (501c3); a non profit to find homes for dogs in need of shelter, food, and love.

Anthony Cassel

  • Lic.# 01475854
1995 El Dorado Avenue
Berkeley, California 94707 United States
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